Family Practice Physician


Hi, my name is Dr. Dave Salko and I’m a family-practice physician currently working at Topsham Family Medicine in Maine.

I really love and enjoy my job for a few reasons, but mostly because I enjoy the relationships I have with my patients, and the experience helping them along through their life transitions.

To be able to practice in a small state like Maine, you can get that strong personal feeling, that sense that you know people and you know the community, and that’s what Maine is about, as opposed to a big city where you might feel anonymous, like a number.

Going through school, I recognized more and more that I loved the problem solving of medicine, I loved being able to work with people, and was relly excited when their care improved and their health improved.

I’ve always loved and my family and I moved back to Maine to be here, so it was a choice to experience both the richness of the community and the environment, and the close relationships that can be provided in Maine, as well as to experience the outdoors and some of the other activities that we love to do.

So, that makes it a great place to live and to work.


Occupational pathways




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