About the Project

“Innovation comes from the inside, out — not the outside, in.”

Maine Sparks is a proposed online media campaign to help young and adult learners discover what sparks them, align those interests to the competencies of in-demand careers in Maine, and discover the learning pathways toward those careers.

Maine Sparks was conceived by the Leadership Maine Tau class workforce development team in 2011-12.

The (audacious) vision was this: Every person in Maine will find what sparks them, act upon it, and find work that is satisfying, in areas that are in demand, here in Maine.

Maine Sparks could be adopted, cultivated, and marketed through an online media campaign and become a primary portal for young and adult learners to be exposed to the many inspiring job paths available in Maine’s next economy.

Project documents from the 2012 project team

Please contact us and let us know if you’re interested in participating!

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