Your video spark

Have you ever recorded and uploaded a video to YouTube? Or would you like to? It’s not very difficult, and we’ll be happy to help you.

So, please consider recording your Spark story as a video and give us permission to share it with others!

Here’s the process:

  1. Write your Spark story and read it aloud until it feels natural. (Imagine you’re talking directly to a young person who is interested in what spark’s you. Even better, share with a real person and get their feedback.)
  2. Record your story on a smart phone or video camera. Do it as many times as you wish until it feels natural.
  3. Create a YouTube account and upload your favorite video clip.
  4. Send us the URL to your video. We’ll post your video on the after we receive your consent form.

Getting started: choose a camera

You can record very good quality video with a smart phone or pocket camcorder (such as the Kodak Zi8, around $200). It’ll look even better if you use a small tabletop tripod. Also, phones and camcorders don’t cope well with ambient noise, so choose a location that is quiet. With the Zi8, you might even want to add a clip-on microphone.

Find a good location

Find a place that’s comfortable, with a simple, undistracting background. If possible, sit behind a desk or table where you can place your camera on its tripod. Perhaps you have a friend who will help watch the camera.

Sit in a chair, turned partially to one side of the camera. Then, look directly at the camera and tell your spark story. Practice a few times until it feels natural. When you’re ready, power up the camera, and hit record.

If you feel you can do it better, by all means do it as many times as you want. You only need to share the best take.

Advanced tips

Don’t use the camera’s zoom feature. Make sure it is zoomed out as much as possible for the best quality. If you would like to change the way you’re framed, just move the camera and tripod closer until the composition looks good.

Set the camera and tripod so your head and shoulders will show, but not much below that.

Position the camera so that it is slightly below eye level; the camera should be aimed slightly upward. Avoid the tendency to shoot from far away: show your head and shoulders, and leave more space on the side you’re turned toward.

Share your clip on YouTube

If you don’t already have a YouTube account, create one now.

Use the software that came with the phone or camera to upload your clips to the YouTube account. You may need to upload them onto your computer first, but, either way, pick the best one to upload.

After it is published, send us the URLs (and your consent form) so we can add them to our collection of favorites.

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